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Education is Worthwhile!



As we are sure that only solid education may lead to the training of some individuals who shall be both empowered to act with a view to achieving their goals and responsible enough as to act in accordance with society's interests, therefore considering that education is the engine driving the development of the society we live in, we have decided to focus our efforts on this sector of the society.

The Romanian educational system is deficient in many respects, and among its capital issues we may mention: lack of necessary funds, lack of coherence and vision, the lateness and superficiality of the reform, decrease of the school's fame as institution. All these facts have a major impact on the school performance of Romanian young people and consequently, on society's future.

With a view to increasing the school performance, the Dinu Patriciu Foundation has initiated the "Education is Worthwhile!" program. This addresses two of the most serious problems of the educational system, the lack of necessary funds and the decreasing interest manifested by young people. The strategic goals established by the foundation refer to promoting the performance and study as positive models (directly by promoting education as successful model in life as well as indirectly by rewarding and encouraging performance), as well as providing support by ensuring the necessary tools in order to reach these performances (by promoting the right to education, by improving the study conditions and reducing the huge discrepancy between rural environment and the urban one). Whereas the first set of goals aims to rehabilitate the fame of the educational system, the second one seeks to partially solve the problem related to the lack of necessary funds. The program's initial duration is of two years, and when this period ends, it shall be decided whether the program should go on, no matter whether its goals are defined again or not.