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Open Horizons



UPDATE: The Open Horizons program is to be terminated starting 31 January 2012, due to the restructuring and reoganization of the Dinu Patriciu Foundation's activity.

For the past 4 years, the Dinu Patriciu Foundation has awarded 100 scholarships of USD 15 000 each, annually, the scholarships being granted during the whole period of Master's/doctoral program, and is capable of totally or partially covering the schooling or living expenses incurred by the concerned training. The total annual value of the scholarships offered through the Open Horizons Programme was USD 1.5 million.

The Open Horizons program is intended for those young people wishing to complete their intellectual and professional training through a Master's or doctoral degree program in famous universities all over the world, but who, due to certain financial reasons, find it impossible to accomplish their dream all by themselves.

As the objective of the Open Horizons program has been and still is to contribute to the increase in the professionalism level in the Romanian society, it is addressed exclusively to the young people wishing to return to the country after graduation. As such, starting 2011, the beneficiaries of the Open Horizons scholarships who do not comply with their commitment to return to Romania according to the contractual provisions will return the scholarship, along with penalties amounting to 50% of its value. This measure is meant to discourage candidates who do not wish to return to the country, making possible for us to grant the scholarships to young people who understand and agree to the scope of the program and who honestly commit themselves to return to Romania and to contribute to the development of the society. All reimbursed sums from beneficiaries in breach of this commitment, including the penalties, are to be used for educational programs.