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The Education Awards Gala Caravan concluded its itinerary in Bucharest

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On June 15th, Dinu Patriciu organized in Bucharest, in the welcoming Lecture Hall of the Faculty of Letters, the conference “Solutions for improving the Romanian education system”, which concluded the national tour of promoting the Education Awards Gala. The same as in Timisoara, Cluj, Iasi and Constanta, the conference in Bucharest reunited people in the academic and pre-academic environments, researchers, educational NGO activists, but also representatives with the Romanian business environment.

The conference enjoyed the following speakers: PhD Professor Liviu Papadima - dean with the Faculty of Letters, University of Bucharest, Simona Velea – head the of the Education Theory Laboratory with the Institute for Education Sciences, Cosmina Frincu – CSR Manager BRD Groupe Societe Generale, Raluca van Staden – First degree scientific researcher and Head of the PATLAB Electro-chemistry Laboratory and Diana Certan – Manager with the New Horizons Foundation.

A unanimous conclusion of the talks was the necessity of another pace for reform in education and the speakers focused in their speeches on the need to depart from the positive situations in the system, which exist although invisible in the public statements.

In his perspective as a university professor, Liviu Papadima criticized the society’s expectations regarding the training of the graduates only in view of integrating them into the labor market. “University studies actually provide them with knowledge to use until the end of their lives, the university teachers taking on the assumed mission of training good experts in various fields of knowledge”. He also shared with the audience his opinion regarding the lack of performance due to the multiple incoherent and inconsistent reforms, a consequent educational policy being run throughout a complete school cycle of 15 years.
Simona Velea, researcher in education, stated her belief that successful interventions in education concern value and affection and that “these are the principles we should depart from in implementing the change that education should undergo”. Her expectations towards the political decision people are the consequence and a normal pace of change.

Casting a new light upon PhD Professor Liviu Papadima’s idea, Cosmina Frincu stated that a win-win partnership between the academic environment and the business one must be built, because “no business can succeed with an uneducated audience”.

Well-known and appreciated nationally and internationally, Raluca Ioana van Staden pleaded for research and for the necessity of investing in this field, explaining that we have some fight to put up in order to get rid of the idea that only abroad can one reach a high level in research. “Romania has a lot of researchers and laboratories that are no less than the ones abroad!”
Diana Certan, with the New Horizons Foundation, also spoke about the positive experience of the organization she has been managing with the implementation of the non-formal education project called IMPACT run in schools and high-schools. Among the successes gathered by the project, the most remarkable one is having gathered more than 500 volunteers from among the Romanian teachers, who have been dedicating at least two hours a week, for the last four years, for involving the young in various activities.

The conference in Bucharest officially set the start for the registration in the third edition of the Education Awards Gala, a national competition that identifies the most worthy examples in the Romanian education system and repays them with prizes totaling EUR 250,000.


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