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The Education Awards Gala Caravan also made a stop in Constanta

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On June 9th, the Dinu Patriciu Foundation organized the conference “Solutions for improving the Romanian education system” in Constanta, within a partnership with Mircea cel Batran National College. The event gathered representatives of the local educational system in exchanging information and opinions and it also marked the start of the third edition of the Education Awards Gala.

Speakers at the event were Vasile Nicoara (Headmaster with Mircea cel Batran National College), Aliss Andreescu (General School Inspector with Constanta County School Inspectorate), Florin Oncioiu (HR Manager with the Institute for Human Resources Development), Andrei Tudoran (Student Council President with Mircea cel Batran National College) and Corina Iordanescu (Sponsorship, Education and Civil Society Projects Coordinator World Vision International – ADP Constanta). University professors and high-school teachers, but also students and parents attended the meeting.

One of the main points of the conference was brought up by Andrei Tudoran (Student Council President with Mircea cel Batran National College) who declared himself disappointed by the lack of support provided by the state to high-performance students. “My colleagues who participate in NASA competitions go from door to door for sponsorships and they humiliate themselves in order to prove their value. When they are awarded, nobody memorizes their name, only the country they come from”, the student pointed out. The same opinion was shared by Csilla Balint (a student with C.D. Loga High-School in Timisoara) within the conference organized in Timisoara (May 24, 2011).

Professor Wladimir Boskoff, dean with the Mathematics Faculty within the Ovidius Faculty, awarded “Faculty of the Year” in 2009 at the Education Awards Gala, said “A solution for our students to stop leaving the country is to invest in them when they graduate…”. They also spoke about the fields the young are prevented from performing due to the insufficient funding, but also about the sectors that can absorb the valuable students.

Emilia Murineanu, deputy director with Contanta County Agency for Employment, appealed to the representatives of the higher education institutions to stop putting out graduates as future unemployed people and to reorient toward the fields where specialists are needed, and Cosmin Barzan, president with the Civic Resources Center, emphasized the importance of market surveys to reveal information on future requirements.

The results of the Education Awards Gala in Constanta

The conference was a part of the Caravan that launched the third edition of the Education Awards Gala and that stopped first in Timisoara (May 24th), then at Cluj (May 26th), Iasi (June 2nd), Constanta (June 9th), with a final stop in Bucharest (June 15th).
Constanta had three awarded participants in the last year’s gala. Mircea cel Batran National College was nominated within the “School of the Year” section, where it ranked second and received EUR 10,000.

In the “Best educational project” section, Traian Theoretical High-School was granted a special mention and a EUR 2,000 cash prize for the Anti-violence Film Festival for High-school Students. Crina Liliana Mares ranked the second in the last year’s edition and received EUR 5,000 within the section “Librarian of the Year”.

In 2009, the Mathematics and IT Faculty with Ovidius University ranked second at the “Faculty of the Year” section, but the first position was not taken. World Vision also ranked third within the “NGO of the Year” section with the project “Feeding the children of Viisoara village for a better future”.


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