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PORTRAIT: Mihai Mudava, the orphan who works for the good of others


Author: Dana Lepadat

Date of publication: September 23, 2010,

Abandoned by his parents, he grew up in foster homes. He wants to become a physician and currently he is a volunteer with the Red Cross and the Library. Mihai Mudava is an 18-year old young man that always radiates joy.

When you see him, you couldn't tell that his story started somewhere in an orphanage. Always cheerful and optimistic, he is trying to make his way through the society to the highest peaks. Because he tried hard, he was accepted with the "Al. Ioan Cuza" National College, where he is already preparing for the high school graduation exam.  He chose the chemistry-biology specialty because he wants to become a physician.

"I want to become a physician because we need a lot of physicians in Romania. A family in England, whom I have visited several times, proposed that I attend studies there. But I chose Romania because I know it will get better in the future", Mihai told us.

Passions: reading and flying. Because of the hardships, Mihai has come to appreciate the true values and has developed several hobbies.

"I like a lot to read. I believe that those who do not read cannot understand others. Anyway, I was a lucky case in this social care system I was part of, because I was always liked by the managing people. This has helped me a lot. I sometimes see beggars with broken legs and I think I could have been like them if my mother had abandoned me on the streets instead of the hospital", Mihai confesses.

The young man comes to library every day to the children's section, where he has initiated several projects, most of them in ecology.

"I received a grant from the Dinu Patriciu Foundation for organizing Children's Day on June 1 for several children in Vintileasca. Now we are running a project in ecology, I and my colleagues will collect wastes in forests, parks", Mihai Mudava adds.

The full article can be read here.