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Scholarship for a master volunteer

August 25, 2010

Author: Catalina Toma

Release date: Monday, August 23, 2010

Oana Mic is studying at the Craiova Auto Transport School Group and she has been working as a volunteer for three years. She starred in plays, she distributed flyers, she took care of abused children, and all these to better the negative behavior in society.

These are the activities of a community future model citizen, who comes from a family with modest incomes, of up to 400 lei, and who understood that she shouldn’t complain, but show that she can change things.

“I distributed flyers on the street about the dangers that students may face on the internet, talked to them at school and I saw they understood the consequences and that they’ll be more careful regarding the violence in the online environment”, narrates Oana about one of her concerns.

Moreover, Oana Mic is a familiar presence of the Chemistry competitions and Olympiads and she collected in the four years of high school over 20 prizes and diplomas. The student took this year the first prize at the “Petru Poni National Chemistry Competition”, but also in a contest on environmental topics.

The student wants to become a doctor and she’s certain that the experience gained as a volunteer will help her further in her career.

“I’m sure that all these activities will count on the curriculum vitae. In my case the reward was the scholarship awarded by the “Invent your Future!” program, supported by The Dinu Patriciu Foundation, shows the young girl.

The full article can be read here.