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United States Scholar: Quit Victimizing Yourselves

Date: Monday, august 2nd 2010

Author: Oana Sandu,

Cristiana Grigore is 26 and studies Educational Politics and Management in the United States. She would like teachers in Romania to encourage their students more and students to give up on victimization. After graduating Faculty of Psychology in Bucharest, Cristiana received a Fulbright scholarship for a master’s degree at the Vanderbilt University. Her second university year will be financed by the Vanderbilt University and by the “Dinu Patriciu” Foundation.

The Peabody College in the Vanderbilt University, where Cristiana studies, is the best in the world, according to a ‘best education units’ list made by U.S. News and World Report. Cristiana is 26 and speaks with enthusiasm of the importance of non-formal education.

Given your academic experience in the United States and your studying of Educational Policies there, what do you think should be changed and what should be emphasized  in Romania’s educational system?

I am pleasantly surprised with all the educational projects undergoing in Romania right now: summer schools, trainings, campaigns, courses for pupils, students and teachers. This allows the setting of a frame in which one can develop their creativity, bring new ideas and realize that they do have a valuable impact in people’s lives. There are some young people already experiencing this.

Give up on criticizing!

I believe this trend, of which we should be proud, gives the Romanian education system new opportunities; this is why it should be emphasized and promoted so that it will be more clearer, sustainable and more visible. This would help our confidence and allow us to look at education with better eyes, we would find ourselves in something positive, we would be stronger and wouldn’t victimize ourselves so easily: “nothing is right in this country”, “the education system is down”. I know there are many wrong thins and absurd situations but what do you gain out of talking about it all the time?”

Of course, it is important that we express our discontents, but let’s also find solutions for them. This is why I admire people who quit victimizing themselves, stop wasting time, stop complaining and have the courage to take their lives into their own hands.

The rest of the article can be read here.