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The importance of the time taken by parents to look into children`s education [...]

Children of the age 15 whose parents regularly spent time with them during their first year of school got the best results on the PISA tests in 2009, compared to the rest of the children, according to a recently published report by the [...] 


Teachers` starting salaries not attractive, says report [...]

In almost all European countries, gross basic salaries for teachers entering the profession are lower than national GDP per capita - and their pay will not even double over the course of their working lifetime, except in a handful of Membe [...] 


17,000 hours is the length of the educational, cultural and scientific programs broadcast [...]

In 2010, the length of the programs focused on education, culture and science broadcast by the National Public Television totalled 10,221 hours, as much as in 2009, but up significantly compared to previous years. In case of the national p [...] 


Structure of school year 2011/2012 [...]

According to the Ministry of Education, the school year 2011-2012 which begins on Monday will have the following structure: 1st semester Courses - Monday, September 12th 2011 - Friday, December 23rd 2011 During the period October 22nd [...] 


How many books do Romanian students have at home? One of five students has less than 10 an [...]

During the PISA evaluations run throughout the last 10 years, a series of data describing the participants in these tests have been gathered. There are data used to compare the participating countries regarding various indicators. One of t [...] 


The Education Awards Gala Caravan concluded its itinerary in Bucharest [...]

On June 15th, Dinu Patriciu organized in Bucharest, in the welcoming Lecture Hall of the Faculty of Letters, the conference “Solutions for improving the Romanian education system”, which concluded the national tour of promoting [...] 


The Education Awards Gala Caravan also made a stop in Constanta [...]

On June 9th, the Dinu Patriciu Foundation organized the conference “Solutions for improving the Romanian education system” in Constanta, within a partnership with Mircea cel Batran National College. The event gathered represent [...] 


The companies want \"teamwork\" to be taught in school. The students want politicians to w [...]

During the conference called “Solutions for improving the Romanian educational system” which the Dinu Patriciu Foundation and the Mathematics Faculty of Al. I. Cuza University organized on June, 2nd in Iasi, both the speakers a [...] 

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Report on education (II): preschool education, primary and secondary education [...]

Following the increasing birth rate in recent years 2002-2009 (from 9.7 ‰ to 10.4 ‰), the number of children enrolled in the preschool education invariably increased in recent years, reaching 666.1 thousand in the school year [...] 


Report on education (I): between 2000 and 2009, the number of school-age children dropped [...]

"The decreasing trend of school-age population recorded in recent years in almost all educational levels was mainly determined by the demographic decline, especially by the diminution of birth rates and the growing of external migrati [...] 


The top of the largest universities in Romania [...]

The number of students included in bachelor’s degree programs has been constantly decreasing for many years and 2011 was no exception to the rule. Thus, if in the academic year 2007/2008 the total number of students was of 907,000, i [...] 


How students perceive the relationship with their teachers. And a comparison with the deve [...]

At PISA tests from 2009, more than 5,000 Romanian school students were asked to answer several questions among which a set of 5 questions on the student-teacher relationship. Here are their answers, as well as a comparison with the answers [...] 


6% of the GDP for education: an objective whose achievement does not depend only on the Go [...]

The allocation of a percentage of 6% of the GDP for the educational sector represents one of the topics constantly appearing in the public space, many considering that everything depends only on the Government’s decision, speaking ab [...] 


\"I think that the time has come where the time of the Romanian teacher will be strictly d [...]

Mirela Spita, the winner of the Ist prize at the section „Kindergarden/School Teacher of the Year” within the Ceremony of the Prizes in Education offered an interview to the site which can be read below. [...] 


One third of Romanian students aged 15 take private lessons. What is our situation compare [...]

A study released last year at the request of Dinu Patriciu Foundation shows that the market of private lessons in Romania was estimated at about 320 million Euros per year, 17% of the children aged between 6 and 19 taking private lessons. [...] 


Aurora Constantin, professor, PhD in Physics and PhD candidate in Scotland: I have always [...]

Aurora Constantin graduated from the Faculty of Sciences, department of physics in 1986. She worked as a teacher for 24 years and after she passed all teacher certifications in 2000 she received a PhD in the quantum theory of fields. Her [...] 

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